Wooden Wall Barometer with Thermometer Banjo Shape

Wooden Wall Barometer with Thermometer Banjo Shape

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This handsome large traditional wall barometer is 24 inches in height; this Woodford barometer has a thermometer within the barometer case.

A traditional & handsome design of wall barometer is from made from luxurious veneer, solid brass bezel & finial. We specialize in bringing you reliable and well-made barometers; it’s designed to be enjoyed for many years.

Enjoy forecasting the unpredictable British weather with this fine quality Woodford Wall Barometer & Thermometer. Makes the perfect present – to yourself or others. Woodford have been manufacturing since 1860 and have an excellent reputation. Easy to setup and with full instructions.

61 cm tall with a dial diameter of 13 cm. Supplied in 1-2 working days with free UK shipping.


  • Luxurious UK Made Veneer – Precision German mechanism
  • Quality Woodford (Established 1860) Barometer
  • Solid Brass Bezel and Finial
  • A very appreciated gift
  • All models have a one-year guarantee.

Woodford have been making clocks and barometers since 1860. 
They are easily wall hang & a handsome addition to your home. 
Buying a barometer is similar to choosing a watch; choose the cheapest on the market and really cannot expect it to last very long or be accurate, however on the other hand; you can also pay many hundreds of pounds for a barometer for the home.  
Woodford barometers represent the solution for those who wish to buy a well made, good looking and accurate barometer at a sensible price.  Assembled in the UK using a fine veneered finish and an accurate German mechanism; you can buy knowing the manufacturer is proud of what they produce and have a reputation & tradition to uphold.
Always choose a barometer that comes with good simple instructions on how to set it up. Our barometers come with the latest information sheet, which shows you how to get the most enjoyment from your wall barometer. 
When it arrives, you barometer will need to be adjusted to match your local air pressure.  This is easy and only has to be done once and takes only minute. We explain how in the information sheet, it ensures you get reading that predicts your local weather.  If you ever have any questions while owning your barometer you only need to ask and we are happy to help.
You can buy with confidence we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every barometer we sell.  We believe you should be able to give presents with confidence.