Barometer with Thermometer

Barometer with Thermometer

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One of the latest Woodford designs of wall barometer and is one of the tallest Oak barometers we sell. It is
crafted solid oak and quality brass, this traditionally designed weather monitor contains barometer, thermometer

This traditional Banjo shaped barometer has both and aneroid mechanism and thermometer. It has a clear 5.5 inch (18cm) Barometer dial
The Barometer dial has a deep 1.6 cm real brass bezel surround and the surround is made from thick Oak.

  • Traditional wall hung barometer 5.5" dial with thermometer
  • 2.6 cm thick handcrafted Oak Made in England. Mechanism from Germany
  • Quality Woodford (Established 1860) Barometer. Solid Brass Trim.
  • Monitor the British Weather with this Aneroid Barometer - perfect gift
  • Height 68.5cm 27 Inches Tall. Dial Diameter 5.5 Inches.


This Woodford Banjo shaped wooden wall barometer allows you to measure the temperature as well as the changing air pressure the quality of the oak surround is very beautiful indeed, stained to a mid-tone and varnished to a fine sheen.

The surround of a barometer has to be made of a stable material, one that will not expand or contract too much. This fine seasoned solid oak does this job perfectly and looks extremely handsome, complemented by quality brass bezel and finial.

Buying a wooden wall barometer is similar to choosing a watch; choose the cheapest on the market and really cannot expect it to last very long or be accurate; on the other hand you can also pay many hundreds for a barometer for the home. Woodford barometers represent the solution for those who wish to buy a barometer at a sensible price, which is both well made, good looking and accurate.
Assembled in the UK using a fine Oak wood and a precision German mechanism; you can buy knowing the manufacturer Woodford, is proud of what they produce and have a reputation & tradition to uphold.

You can monitor both changing air pressure, gently tap the dial and the needle will move to today's pressure, showing you is it is rising or falling. Instructions supplied to interpret the movement and the dial also gives a guide to the expected local weather. The solid oak, English hand crafted barometer, is a real object of beauty, when combined with the accurate German mechanism has produced one of the best looking and high quality barometers you can buy today. You can buy or give this barometer with total confidence; it is a product of real quality. The natural oak gives a unique grain pattern to each barometer.

Always choose a wall barometer that comes with good simple instructions on how to set it up. Our barometers come with the latest sheet that shows you how to get the most enjoyment from your wall barometer. All barometers need to be 'set' to match your area's local pressure when you get it. This takes only a minute and is easy to do. We explain 'how' in the included information sheet, it ensures you get reading that predicts your local weather.