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How to wear your new pocket watch.

You have bought a new pocket watch with a traditional T bar chain and would like to know exactly how to wear it?   No problem at all, you are in the right place.

All about a pocket watch chain

All about a pocket watch chain

 First let us look at the parts of a single pocket watch chain. 

  • T Bar - this hides on the inside of our waistcoat pocket, through a button hole. It is wider than the button hole and secures the chain so your watch can not fall.
  • Inch Drop - this is a 1 inch decorative chain. Sometimes wearers' add a seal or fob disc to this chain, others leave is as it is, a simple hanging chain.
  • The main chain that hangs between button hole and pocket watch.
  • Swivel - this is the part that connects to your pocket watch. This connection swivels in order that the chain hangs smooth without twists.

How to attach the Chain to your waistcoat button hole

Firstly, you select which button hole to use; depending on the pocket you are keeping your pocket watch in. You are aiming to create a pleasent hang to the chain.

You can use a pocket on the lower part of your waistcoat, or you can select a chest pocket should you wish to. This creats a more 'modern look' while wearing it.

wearing a pocket watch

wear pocket chain

If you have any questions on how to wear your chain, or on any purchase at all, then just drop me an email.