Oak Banjo Barometer Thermometer

Oak Banjo Barometer Thermometer

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Oak Banjo Barometer Thermometer

Enjoy forecasting your local weather with this Banjo Barometer & Thermometer. It makes the perfect present for a loved one. Woodford have been manufacturing since 1860 and have an excellent reputation. Easy to use and a fascinating and addictive hobby. The moving needle shows the rising or falling air pressure and allows you to predict tomorrow's local weather. This traditional Banjo shaped barometer has both and aneroid mechanism and thermometer. It has a clear 4-inch (10cm) dial with a deep (1.6 cm) brass bezel. The surround is made from 2cm thick Oak.

  • 49 cm (29 inches) Tall. Dial Diameter 10cm (4 inches). 2cm thick solid oak surround.
  • Traditional Banjo Barometer & Thermometer by trusted English maker.
  • Solid Oak with Solid Brass Fittings made in the UK fitted with accurate German mechanism
  • Monitor the British Weather with this Aneroid Barometer & thermometer - perfect gift
  • 12 month Warranty and lifetime support.

Woodford Banjo barometers - the Victorian Weather Station

This Woodford Banjo shaped barometer allows you to measure the temperature as well as the changing air pressure. With a little practice very accurate weather can be predicted, usually 1-2 days ahead of it occurring. When it arrives it will need to be set up and matched to your local air pressure. This is easy to do and only required once. Our booklet explains clearly how to do this and if you need any help at any stage just drop us a line.

We are very proud to be retailers for Woodford and know a great deal about barometers so are always very happy to help. Woodford use a German made mechanism, and for the last hundred years or so, German engineering has led the way in aneroid barometer mechanisms. Developed as part of the aviation industry, this kind of mechanism also allows planes to know their altitude by reading the air pressure.

The clever mechanism in a household barometer is designed to ‘stick’ which is why you tap the dial. Tapping frees the needle reading and allows you to see which way the needle has moved, indicating a rise or fall in air pressure. Our simple 8 page booklet helps you start out on the addictive hobby of weather prediction.