Traditional Round Barometer in Solid Wood Oak
Traditional Round Barometer in Solid Wood Oak
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Traditional Round Barometer in Solid Wood Oak

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The Traditional Round Barometer in Solid Oak

This model has a one week waiting period. New stock is ariving 7th of April. Feel free to order now, we will email you as soon as it ships to you.

Woodford have been making clocks and barometers since 1860. This traditional round barometer was our most popular selling barometer during 2014 and has hundreds of satisfied owners.  
This Oak round barometer has a large dial which measures 5-inch (13cm) in diameter and is mounted in a 7" (18cm) Solid Oak round plaque, the oak is 2.3cm thick. It gives accurate readings you can rely upon; the mechanism is produced in Germany where all the finest barometers originate. The dial has a deep 1.6 cm brass bezel surround this barometer is probably the finest you will find at this price.
  We take great pride in our Barometer range, and are very happy to recommend this new Oak barometer, if you are buying it as a gift for a loved one, we can assure you that they will be delighted in its looks and build quality. It has a solid brass fixing on the rear making it very simple to wall hang. It makes a handsome addition to your home or is ideal present.

  • Traditional English round barometer in solid oak surround.
  • This is our best selling barometer in 2014.
  • The dial measures 13cm accross and the plaque 18cm round oak 2.3 cm thick
  • Precision Mechanism produced in Germany.
  • Barometer built and tested in the UK
  • 1 year Guarantee and lifetime support.


Why this traditional round barometer in Oak is one of our best sellers.....

We can easily see why this traditional round barometer in solid Oak is one of our very best sellers. The quality of the oak surround is very beautiful indeed, stained to a mid-tone and varnished to a fine sheen, all of which is carried out by hand here in the UK. The large 5 inch dial is easy to read and comes complete with our own booklet on how to initally set up your aneroid barometer and then how to predict your local weather. It also contains some interesting history on barometers and the weather, making the Silver2Love edition of the Woodford barometers a great gift.

The surround of a barometer has to be made of a stable material, one that will not expand or contract too much. This fine seasoned solid oak does this job perfectly and looks extremely handsome. The brass rear fixing makes it very easy to hang on the wall.

Setting up the barometer for use is easy and only needs to be doen once. Explained clearly in the free booklet, setting up the barometer is essentail to accurate results, or you can visit our webpage on how to do this - here it is easily explained in our Barometer video.  You can buy this round barometer with confidence as it comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and if you ever have a question while owning it, we are always here to help.