Vintage style pocket watch chain fob

Pocket watch chain fob - Edwardian Style

It's very well known that here, at, we love pocket watch chain fobs and have developed one of the most extensive range of Alberts available in the UK. Now, we have expanded further and have created a fabulous range of true vintage style chains inspired by those of the Edwardian era.

In the early years of the 20th century, no Gentleman's outfit would be complete without a pocket chain across the waistcoat and for that special event only the best would do.  With a glamour inspired by that era, we have created a range of three chains designed for the modern Gentleman who desires a little more style.

The intricate, decorative pocket watch chains are each finished with a stylish fob. Often overlooked the Fob is the decorative item originally attached to the short chain on your Albert, this small chain (often call the 'inch drop') should be worn outside of the waistcoat.


Each of these fine sterling silver pocket watch chains is supplied in a leather gift case and comes with its own silver cleaning cloth, allowing you to keep the chain in perfect condition.