T bar pocket watch chains

T bar pocket watch chains - all you need to know

The wearing of a watches requires  T bar pocket watch chains to secure them to your clothing goes back to the very first portable mechanical pocket watches. The watch needed securing to prevent it falling if it slipped out of the owners’ hands while they were using the pocket watch and also as a means to prevent theft by pickpockets.

Pocket watches were a coveted and prized possession, a possession of value often passed down within a family. The pocket watch also was a fashion and status item and when it rested in the pocket it was not on show. The creation of an attractive chain draped across the waistcoat became the pocket watch accessory to have, these chains were either intricate or made from heavy gauge links to help show off status or wealth.

T bar pocket watch chains are attached to your waistcoat by the T-bar passing through the button hole and sitting flat against the fabric on the inside, this formed a secure fastening and prevented the pocket watch from falling if dropped.

The chain was usually about eight inches long allowing the pocket watch to sit comfortably in the front pocket of a waistcoat. The draping chain showed off to the world the status of the pocket watch wearer. A gold or silver chain certainly showed social position and wealth.

T Bar chains today

Today, as well as sterling silver and solid gold chains, the pocket watch wearer has a huge choice of more economical metals that look just as good. We use silver plate, gold plate and rolled gold in the creation of our range of pocket watch chains. The T bar attached to the end is also made from a matching material. Below is an illustration of one of our T bar pocket watch chains in gold.


gold pocket watch chain

To draw greater attention to the chain when worn the addition of a small one-inch chain from the T Bar is an interesting addition to the fashion.  Now featured on most chains and alberts *, this one inch ‘drop chain’ is used to attach a small medal or fob. Perhaps in older times it may have been a seal (used to impress wax when sealing a letter) or be a token from a loved one.  This fob is just really another fashion item that has carried over from Victorian times. We really like the use of a small fob to complete the classic look, several of our watch T bar pocket watch chains have been developed with an attached fob in the form of a silver mounted semi-precious stone. This make for a very special silver pocket watch chain with fob.

Some pocket watch designs we produce have two chains coming from the T bar of the Albert chain. This second chain is usually worn going to a second pocket on the waistcoat and pretty much anything can be attached to it. Popular items amongst pocket watch enthusiasts are small items such as a key, a wax seal, a pipe smokers knife, a cigar trimmer it could be any number of things.

The use of a double chained pocket watch chain gives the wearer the classic Victorian dapper ‘look’.  It also allowed the wearer in older days to show that they could afford a double length of expensive gold or silver chain, often with quite heavy links.

We have developed our ranges of T bar pocket watch chains with both single and double chains and in various weights of links to enable enthusiasts and collectors to find their ideal chain.

*  Alberts are a popular name for a pocket watch chain. The name comes from Prince Albert (the husband of Queen Victoria) who did a great deal to popularize the use of the pocket watch for the Gentleman of the time.