Large Rose Gold Pocket Watch

Woodford's new large rose gold pocket watch - now in stock

The pocket watch I have been most anticipating this year has finally arrived and is in stock here at

It has all the features I really love in a pocket watch, first of all it has a size of 5.4 cm in diameter, this is larger than any of the other Woodford pocket watches and larger than most other modern watches on the market today. The extra size gives it more 'presence' than the average watch and is reminiscent of the size of a Victorian pocket watch.  It has an ivory face, a very light ivory white, which sits perfectly against the warm rose gold of the case.

Speaking of which, the Rose Gold is warm, glowing, yet not in the least brash or harsh. Some modern rose golds I find too strong in colour, this Woodford model has a really wonderful warmth about it. It is achieved by mixing small amounts of copper into the gold plate.

The design of the face is very pleasing and I really like the use of the a separate dial for the seconds.

The case design is that of a full hunter, so the watch glass is fully protected when opened, the case is also of the double opening variety which allows the back of the case to flip open too. This has two effects, it allows you to see into the rear workings of the watch, which is wonderful in itself; it also allows the pocket watch to sit on a desk fully open and self supporting but the open case lids.

The watch mechanism which is visible through the rear of the watch is very interesting to watch as the springs and cogs work with each other to give their regulation of time. The mechanical mechanism is 17 jewel, this mean it contains 17 tiny gems used at certain points in the mechanism. They are inserted at points where metal pivots on metal, this is done to prevent wear between the two metal parts, the polished gems are very hard indeed, and the repeated movement of metal against polished gem stone makes for a far longer lasting watch that needs far less oil and maintenance than a non-jewellled one.  17 from that point of view is a magic number, a 17 jewelled watch is often called 'fully jewelled' as all the important pivot points have gems added to them.

The rear face of the Large Rose Gold Pocket Watch is highly decorated with machined patterns and is most attractive. Another very attractive feature is that the heads of the screws used in the construction are also decorated with colour, this really is a pleasing design as you can see from the photographs and video I have taken.  The outer case of the watch is totally smooth and ideal for engraving.

As usual the watch is supplied in the Woodford gift case, with certificate and we will add to this our own 8 page pocket watch booklet to each watch we sell.

Inside the case is a matching Rose Gold pocket watch chain, at Silver2love we are experts on Albert chains and this new offering from Woodford is very well made and highly polished. It comes in a design which allows you to replace the T bar, with a belt clip, this allows you to wear the pocket watch with trousers should you wish to wear it every day.

As you may suspect, I am very taken with the latest Woodford Large Rose Gold Pocket Watch, they only bring out a couple of new designs each year and in the case of the the new Rose Gold Pocket Watch they have got the design absolutely perfect.

Steven Allen