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How to Choose and Wear a Double Albert Watch Chain

A double Albert watch chain gives you the classic Victorian look of two chains going from the buttonhole of your waistcoat and traveling to each pocket. The exact amount of ‘hang’ in the chain is dependant on the length of the chains. A good standard length to go for is between 21 and 24 cm per chain, this will give a natural elegant drape. You should take into consideration two factors in the selection of the chain length however, one is the design of your waistcoat; are the pockets in an unusual place? The second is the size of the waistcoat; a very large XL size may need a chain of longer length or using a lower buttonhole for the T bar.

How does the double Albert Watch Chain Fasten?

Well, the double Albert watch chain has two main lengths of chain, these are connected to a T shaped bar which goes though the button hole of the waistcoat and this is enough to secure it, especially after the button of the coat fastens through as well.

The two chains then travel to the two pockets of the coat, one of which holds the pocket watch by what is called a ‘swivel’. It is called such as it swivels on a joint so that the chain never twists around as the watch is handled.

The non-pocket watch chain holds any other object you like really, this can be a medal, key, penknife, or seal. I have seen some odd things attached in my time, but really it is one of the great fun ways of adding personality to your wardrobe.

A third very short chain also comes from the T bar. This third chain can either have another object or fob attached to it or is tucked inside the waistcoat.

What do people attach to this short chain? Well, a seal or medal is most traditional, I have seen old coins, silver and gold attached by means of a decorative coin mount, these look very fine indeed and can be a way of holding a date dear to you, such as a birth date, by means of the date of the coin.

Once in place the double Albert watch chain is very impressive. There are a few variations available in terms of the size of the links; this is mainly a matter of personal taste rather than matching it to the size of your watch. Heavier chains look more impressive, imposing and were in previous times a way of showing off wealth, Victorian bling of the most expensive kind.

We retail our double Albert watch chains in the four main materials, these are Gold Plate, Rolled Gold, Silver Plate and Sterling Silver. Each is also available in both a medium and large size of chain link, giving the pocket watch owner the ability to choose the ideal watch.

wearing a pocket watch chain 

Providing the watch is fairly new, the colour match of gold and silver should be very good. Older, antique watches will need you to buy an antique double Albert and take the watch to the dealer in order to get a good match. So many older watches in gold, used karats not common today, and the shade can vary quite a lot.

For a chrome pocket watch, any of our silver or silver-plated double Albert chains will be a great addition and look a lot better than the free chain which came with your pocket watch.

If ever you have any questions of the subject of watches and choosing a chain we will only be delighted to help.