Choosing an Albert Watch Chain - upgrade your old chain to something special

Choosing an Albert Watch Chain is easy with our complete range of pocket watch chains to satisfy all tastes and budget.

Buying an Albert Watch Chain

Commonly called an Albert after Prince Albert – husband of Queen Victoria, and Albert Watch Chain is usually the first accessory bought by a pocket watch owner. Often the chain supplied with a pocket watch could be improved upon, maybe they wish to buy a heavier more imposing gauge of chain, or wish to buy a double Albert to replace the single chain version supplied with the watch.

At we have established a fantastic range of Albert watch chains to meet just about every need.

Our Silver and Gold Plated Alberts are available in either single or double chains and each available in 2 sizes of link. Either works with just about any pocket watch, it is a matter of personal taste and style how heavy or fine you wish the chain.

Our Silver and Gold Plated chains are of excellent quality and value, each is sent out a high quality Silver2Love Albert watch chain case and all carry a full warranty.

We also stock a fine range of Sterling Silver Alberts for when you wish to add extra luxury to a silver or chrome pocket watch.

Origin of the Albert

The most ancient portable watches were worn on a chain around your neck, as the watch developed and got lighter and smaller it evolved into one that could be carried in a pocket.

Many form of chain developed to secure the watch to the wearer. Simpler chains developed in Victorian times, at about the time we have keyless watches appearing which are wound by turning the stem, and we have the evolution of the chain we see today.

Made popular by Prince Albert (the Royals were trend setters in many ways), the Albert chain allowed the easy securement of the watch to a waistcoat pocket by means of a simple chain with a ‘T’ bar on one end and a ‘swivel’ on the other. The ‘T’ bar passes through a waistcoat buttonhole and the ‘swivel’ attaches to the watch. A simple length of chain hangs between the two in an arc, allowing enough slack for the easy removal and reading of the watch.

Types of Albert Watch Chain

Single and double chains developed allowing the carrying of another object in the opposite pocket, these items were often medals, keys, seals or some other kind of keepsake.

The process of choosing the perfect Albert watch chin is a simple one. First choose the material it is made from, this is to match the colour of the watch, if your budget does not run to Gold and Silver, then Plated Gold or Plated Silver look just as stylish.

Then choose double or single chain versions and the thickness of the link. The latter is simply a matter of personal style and how fine or imposing you wish the chain to look.

All of our Albert chains have a satisfaction guarantee; if you are not 100% happy, simply return it for a full refund. However, our chains are rarely returned.

For customers who are looking for something different, we now have a range of more contemporary pocket watch chains, these are in stainless steel snake links, and offer a modern alternative to the traditional single Albert.