• Pocket watch chain types - how to choose the perfect Albert

    Pocket watch chain types can be confusing to the new collector or pocket watch wearer, often called Alberts, (after Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria), are often the next purchase after buying a pocket watch.
  • Choosing an Albert Watch Chain - upgrade your old chain to something special

    Choosing an Albert Watch Chain is easy with our complete range of pocket watch chains to satisfy all tastes and budget.

  • Double Albert Watch Chain from Silver2Love choose with confidence

    How to Choose and Wear a Double Albert Watch Chain A double Albert watch chain gives you the classic Victorian look of two chains going from the b...
  • Vintage style pocket watch chain fob

    Pocket watch chain fob - Edwardian Style It's very well known that here, at, we love pocket watch chain fobs and have developed on...
  • Rolled Gold Single Albert

    Rolled Gold Single Albert & Double Alberts These are now available in two weights of chain each is presented in a stitched tan leather case wi...
  • New Modern Style Aneroid Barometers

    Producing a new style of barometer is not something Woodford do without great care. Founded in 1860, Woodford have produced a variety of reliable and accurate barometers in a number of styles but it has been many years since they have launched a new range.
  • How to wear a pocket watch

    How to wear a pocket watch In the 1500’s large mechanical pocket watches were worn on chains around the neck but today gentlemen have more subtle ...
  • Large Rose Gold Pocket Watch

    Woodford's new large rose gold pocket watch - now in stock The pocket watch I have been most anticipating this year has finally arrived and is in ...
  • T bar pocket watch chains

     The pocket watch also was a fashion and status item and when it rested in the pocket it was not on show. What are T chains and how do they work....